1. What Bagel does?
    Bagel makes it easy to find great things to do with your kids. Open the app and instantly discover hundreds of ideas, curated by working parents like yourself, to help keep kids entertained. Better still, everything comes with recommended ages, duration and benefits, so you can only pick things that are right for your children.
  2. Why is it called "Bagel"? Why the app icon is a cat?
    "Bagel" was the name of our family cat, a domestic shorthair, who loved to play with children. He has passed away in May 29, 2019. We love to think that he is still looking after our kids from heaven and we would like to use the "Bagel" app to spread his love for kids to other families.
  3. What is "Daily Bagel"?
    "Daily Bagel" is our daily email newsletter, which is a little parenting cheat sheet, delivered to your inbox daily (4 ideas, 1 quote). It's like a simple daily breakfast to prepare busy parents to spend quality time with their little ones at night.
  4. When is Bagel's launch date?
    May 29, 2020
  5. How can I start using Bagel?
    You can download our iOS and Android apps.